What's my Lake Tahoe Home Worth?

What is on your mind when you are thinking about putting your Lake Tahoe or Truckee property up for sale?  I know the most important question you need answered is how much is your home worth in today's market.  This is where I can help you. As a full time licensed real estate agent in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee real estate markets... I am entrenched daily in the estimating of property values. 

Sure, you can fill out one of those instant home evaluation forms on the internet.. there are plenty of them to be found.  However, those instant values are of no use when you are seriously considering selling your home or property. Think about it for a minute. How reliable can some software be when it does not even come in to look at your house:). The software does not walk your property. I does not know your upgrades, remodeling projects, etc. ​

This is where I come in. ​ I will actually meet you in person at the property. I will walk your property lines and take a tour of your house. I will note all your upgrades and features of your home which could add value to your property. After I gather up all of that information I will take photos of your property so that I can compare your property with others on the market or that have been taken off the market.  

Then I go back to my office to start crunching real numbers. I create a comprehensive home evaluation report for you.  You will receive this along with other important data in order for you to make an informed market based decision on pricing and even if now is the best time or not for you to put your property on the market for sale here in Lake Tahoe and Truckee. 

What's the next step?  Click to call me on my number below. Or you can call me: 530-414-4123 or you can fill out the home evaluation form below. I will receive that information in my email inbox. I look forward to speaking with you shortly. 

Don't Forget...

Hi, I'm Craig and I sell Lakefront properties in and around Lake Tahoe California. I am the owner of this website as well. I am here to help you navigate this website, set up your search criteria where you can find your dream home and also help get you a realistic market value for your lakefront house. Text me at 530-414-4123.

Craig Cooper - Licensed Real Estate Agent - Ca BRE #1746610 - Chase International - 531 North Lake Blvd. Tahoe City, CA 96145